Anonymous asked: You should write one where Justin gets home from work angry and gets in a fight with the girl during dinner but they have rough, angry sex on the table.

Yesssss omg

Anonymous asked: IM SUPER SORRY IF IM BECOMING ANNOYING but I just hope you haven't by any chance forgotten my story. I know you don't even have to do this or anything but you're literally my only hope because my readers have been begging for something 'dirty'. I don't mean to hurry you but I'm hoping you didn't forget. I know that writers as talented as you don't just finish it in a day because you're busy and have a life. Ily please don't forget about my Jason and Ella story

Aw omg I’m so sorry like I forgot but if you come off anon we can talk about it???? And I can try to write it how you’d like it!

Anonymous asked: can you make another one pleaseeee 😭


Anonymous asked: Can you write the POV for the justin and Jason love story in Justin's POV


Anonymous asked: Did you start the story inspired by the lyrics of Hold Tight yet? :)

Working on it!

Anonymous asked: When can you post another story? <3 :))

Hopefully tonight! :)

Anonymous asked: Are u working on the story based around the lyrics of Hold Tight? :) <33

Oh, yeah! I’ll actually probably finish that one tonight

Anonymous asked: Ok so I was reading from the bottom,all of your stories, and when you wrote the little paragraph telling us about the story that you had written about you cheating on your boyfriend with Justin i just read it with a Kevin heart voice....


Anonymous asked: I don't know why it was so funny but...... Yeah...*... OH yeah and I LoVe YoUr bLoG!!!

Awww thank you!

Anonymous asked: What's the link to show all of the stories you've wrote?